Top 7 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles

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Are you searching for driving lessons in Los Angeles? Learning to drive is a significant milestone, offering newfound freedom and independence. However, with the sprawling freeways and notorious traffic of Los Angeles, choosing the right driving school is crucial for ensuring not only your safety but also your confidence behind the wheel.In this post, we have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 7 best driving schools in Los Angeles, CA.

Whether you are a teenager looking for your first license, an adult who is just starting as a refresher, or someone new to the city and its driving challenges, finding a top-notch driving school can make all the difference.

Our comprehensive list will make it easier for you to make an informed decision and choose the right driving school for you.

So, let’s begin with a quick recap about driving schools.

What is a Driving School?

Driving schools are reputable organizations or businesses that teach people how to drive safely and legally. They offer classroom instruction on traffic signs and meaning, traffic laws and vehicle operation, along with hands-on, behind-the-wheel training with certified instructors.

Los Angeles driving lessons can improve your confidence on the road, prepare you for your driving test, and equip you with the skills to be a responsible driver.

Top 7 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, CA

Here is the detailed list of the top 7 best driving schools in Los Angeles, California: –

  • Click2Drive
  • Abel Driving School
  • Primo Driving School
  • Westwood Driving School
  • Royal’s Driving School
  • Karins Driving School
  • 1st Choice Driving & Traffic School

Now let’s understand more about these driving schools and their specialties.

1) Click2Drive


Click2drive is the best driving school in Los Angeles, CA. Click2Drive was founded in 1989 by Ebi Kalhor. The business has grown from a single car and single instructor operation to one of the leading driving schools in California.

We offer a variety of driver’s education courses, including teen and adult driver’s ed, behind-the-wheel instruction, and traffic school.

Our driving instructors in Los Angeles are all certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and have a reputation for being patient and knowledgeable.

Yelp Rating- 4.5

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2. Abel Driving School

Abel is one of the most popular driving schools. They provide tailored lessons for beginners, nervous drivers, mature individuals, and anyone looking to improve their driving skills.

Their team consists of certified and skilled instructors who cover steering and braking techniques, and proper hand and seating positions.

3. Primo Driving School

This driving school was founded by Mark and Dorothy Primack. They offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring individuals become the safest drivers possible.

Their offerings include online driver education courses, which are complimentary with the purchase of a behind-the-wheel package, along with tailored driving lessons for teens, adults, and mature drivers.

4. Westwood Driving School

This driving school offers driver’s education for teens, with both in-person and online classes, as well as behind-the-wheel instruction for young adults and adults.

Their experienced instructors can accommodate all skill levels, from novice to advanced, and are available to teach manual transmission driving.

5. Royal’s Driving School

Royal’s Driving School provides thorough driving lessons using a fleet of well-maintained, comfortable cars.

The lessons are customized to meet the needs of drivers at different skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners. They also offer a specialized program called Pass Plus for newly licensed drivers.

6. Karins Driving School

Karins Driving School offers a variety of driver’s education courses, including teen and adult driver’s ed, behind-the-wheel instruction, and traffic school.

Their instructors are all certified by the DMV and have a reputation for being thorough and effective. The focus of the school is on teaching safe driving skills to help students pass behind-the-wheel tests in Los Angeles.

7. 1st Choice Driving & Traffic School

The school has a team of experienced instructors who create a comfortable and effective learning environment. They provide expert guidance and support to help students successfully navigate the roads.

For those looking to master the art of driving, this driving school offers excellent package deals. These packages not only include valuable driving practice but also provide a car for the driving test day.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Best Driving School in Los Angeles CA

driving lessons los angeles

Below we have highlighted some of the key benefits of enrolling with the top driving School in Los Angeles, California. These are: –

  • Improves your Self confidence

Teen drivers often lack confidence while driving. Los Angeles driving lessons allow them to gain experience and knowledge, helping them feel more comfortable behind the wheel and boosting their confidence.

  • Addressing Improper Habits

Experienced drivers may develop bad habits over time. A driving instructor can help new drivers identify and correct these bad habits to ensure safe driving practices.

  • Can Save Your Bucks

While some may be hesitant to pay for professional driving lessons, it can actually lead to cost savings. Completing a driver training course may qualify for a discount from car insurance companies.

Additionally, learning from professionals can make you a safer and more experienced driver, reducing the risk of accidents meanwhile keeping insurance premiums lower.

  • Learning From Professionals

Attending a driving school provides the opportunity to learn from professional instructors. They can help identify any weaknesses and teach better driving methods to prepare for the driving test in california and obtaining a driver’s license.

Want to know more about such benefits? Read this insightful post on the perks of joining a driving school in Los Angeles, CA.

Tips to Follow Before Enrolling with the top Driving Schools in Los Angeles CA

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Enrolling in a top-notch Los Angeles driving school is a smart move, but before you make any your decision, consider these essential tips: –

1. Are you a complete beginner or looking for a refresher? Do you prefer automatic or manual transmission? Different schools excel in specific areas, so identifying your goals will help you find the best fit.

2. Don’t get attracted by catchy websites. Look for schools with a proven track record. Check online reviews and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website for licensing information.

3. Make sure the instructors are certified by the DMV and have a clean driving record. Their expertise is crucial to your success.

4. Compare course packages. Look for options that include classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training, and DMV test preparation.

5. Ask about the vehicles used for lessons. Are they well-maintained and equipped with dual braking systems for instructor intervention if needed?

6. Driving schools offer various packages at different price points. Request quotes and compare what’s included before deciding. Remember, the cheapest option might not always be the best value.

Wrapping Up: Top 7 Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, CA   

Choosing the right driving school is important for developing the skills necessary to navigate the roads safely and confidently. The driving schools listed above offer a range of services and features that cater to different needs and preferences. Among all the driving schools mentioned above, Click2Drive stands out as the top and best driving school in Los Angeles, CA.

At Click2Drive, we offer online driver education and in-car driver training with programs valid throughout the state of California. Our skilled driving instructor in Los Angeles emphasizes the most advanced and safest driving techniques. We offer the best packages, which include services such as defensive driving, road test service, teen driver education, new teen driving law, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our affordable driving lessons in Los Angeles and get ready to drive your vehicle on the busy roads of California.

Happy Driving!

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