7 Tips to Follow for Safe Driving in the Rain

7 Tips To Follow For Safe Driving In The Rain

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Though the rainy season reduces the temperature a bit, it brings along many disadvantages too-more for drivers. Moving vehicles and wet roads that too with more potholes do not go well together. However, we need to go out on the roads and even have to drive, but you should drive keeping in mind certain important tips that can help you drive safer and better after getting your Driver’s License Test in California. Driving safely in the rain begins even before you start your vehicle on. Because you need to double-check whether your vehicle appliances are working perfectly or not. Certain important appliances of vehicles like brakes, tyres, lights, wipers, oil tanks, and air conditioners should be checked. But beyond that one should keep in mind certain tips that should be followed which will not only help you drive safely but will even keep others safe as well.


  • Make it easier to see

The thing which most of us may not realize is how quickly the vision off the road can lead to major accidents while driving in the rain. And thus one should always keep their front and rear windshield clean at all times, also wipers because that helps in a big way to keep things clear and drive safely. And it can also help stop windows from fogging up. 

  • Keep your shoes dry

Controlling the accelerator brake and clutch with wet shoes can be a daunting task, so better have a good quality rubber mat that can quickly help you dry off your shoes quickly and enables you to drive safely. 

  • Drive slowly

Speeding is the biggest problem faced and is the reason for major accidents. And speeding can intensify danger in many ways for you and even people around you. And slowing down in the rain can be the best thing to do in the rain. Water that forms between car tyres and road causes the vehicle to skid and is the reason for the driver to lose control. If you drive slowly this risk is significantly reduced.  

  • Keep Distance

While driving on dry roads one should maintain distance in order to avoid accidents so while driving during monsoon the same steps should be followed by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. And mainly the distance to be maintained between your vehicle and another vehicle is termed as the 2-second gap. And maintaining this distance will help you brake and enable you to drive safely.

  • Pullover and Wait

While driving in drizzle or light rain is okay and cannot be that scary, but in case of heavy rains can be a daunting task especially for not-so-experienced drivers. If you even slightly feel that visibility is becoming worse then instead of continuing driving one should pull over and wait until the rain becomes lighter or stops and your vision can be clear for you to drive safely. 

  • Try to Stay in the Middle 

The road inevitably gets flooded within a few minutes of heavy rain and is usually submerged which makes it dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Especially pedestrians who try to avoid the puddles and stray on the road. So drivers should take this seriously and always beware of the surroundings and thus drive in the middle of the road in order to give some unfortunate pedestrians a rain bath. 

  • Avoid Driving in Thunder and Lightning

Driving in rain is already considered a big fat no if possible and so is driving when it is thunder and lightning. Though cars are relatively safe still as they have rubber tires and even are insulated well but we never know what can happen. Thus we should avoid this deadly combination of electricity and water at all costs.

And to follow these tips and learn good driving one has to go to a proper driver training school in California where everything is taught and that enables you to drive safely in any season.


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