Common Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

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A driving test can look different depending on where you live and what local laws are like. However, there are some universally common rules that people must follow correctly in order to earn their license. The final step to being fully autonomous on the road is passing a real-life driving test. Let’s see the common reasons people fail their driving test.

Common Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Experts at our top-rated driver training school in California have caught on to some trends and truths that we want to share. Specifically, we have figured out some of the most common reasons people fail their driving tests on a regular basis. Read these common mistakes and get in touch with us to ensure that you don’t make any of them when it’s your turn to ace the exam.


You might think that most people want to be a little cautious during their exams, but speeding remains one of the biggest indicators of driving test failure. Speeding is something that everyone takes seriously, so if you speed during your driving test, expect to be automatically failed.

Driving Too Slowly

On the other side of the coin, it can be a big hazard if you drive too slowly as well. This might seem like the appropriate action to take in order to avoid speeding, but this is likely to cause just as many problems out on the road. It’s important to take notice of the speed limit signs on each road and follow them as closely as possible. You should drive no more than 10mph below the speed limit and no more than 5 mph above.


A good general rule of thumb to remember is to leave enough room between your car and the one in front of you in order to avoid a rear end. You should be able to at least see the back tires of the car in front of you; otherwise, you may be too close. Following close behind another car is dangerous and leaves you prone to accidents – and the big possibility of a failed driving test.

Forgetting Your Seatbelt

Believe it or not, a lot of folks forget the first and foremost thing you should do upon getting into your car. No matter the distance or time you plan on driving for, you should always wear your seatbelt. It is considered one of the fundamentals of driving, and for that reason, if you forget to put on your seatbelt during your test, you will be given an automatic fail.

Four-Way-Stop Mistakes

Learning all of the rules of the road can help everybody have an easier and safer time when driving. Coming to a four-way stop can be confusing when cars are lined up in every direction. You must remember that whichever car arrived first has the right of way. After that, cars will go in the order that they arrived. Cars that arrive at the same time will allow the car to their right to go first.

Stopping at a light or a stop sign for a prolonged period of time without making a driving decision will let the driving tester know that you are unsure of what to do. Make sure you understand how to drive and act with confidence so you can get your license ASAP.

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