Driving Lessons in Los Angeles: How Much Do They Cost?

Driving lessions Los Angeles

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Exploring the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles, through driving is an exciting adventure. Before you can cruise through the busy streets or take a ride along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, mastering the art of driving is crucial. 

Taking driving lessons from a renowned driving school in Los Angeles is essential to obtaining your driver’s license. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the cost of driving lessons in LA to help you make the right decision as you work towards becoming a licensed driver. 

Understanding The Cost Factors of Driving Lessons

Several factors determine the cost of driving lessons. To correctly estimate your total expenditures, you must consider the following factors: 

Driving School

The choice of driving school can have a significant influence on the cost. Different schools provide varying packages and fees. 

Some may offer extra advantages, such as written test preparation or practice sessions, which might alter the price.  

Number of Lessons 

Your past driving experience and level of comfort behind the wheel determine the number of lessons required. 

Beginners often need more lessons than individuals with prior driving experience.  

Type of Vehicle

The cost of learning to drive an automatic transmission car may be less than that of manual transmission training. 

Because of the added intricacy required, manual instruction is frequently more expensive. 


The cost of driving lessons might differ depending on where you live. Lessons in downtown Los Angeles may differ from those in surrounding locations.  

Instructor’s Experience

Experienced instructors sometimes demand greater prices. 

On the other hand, their knowledge can lead to more efficient and successful lessons, thus saving you money in the long run. 

Average Cost Breakdown of Driving Lessons 

While the cost of driving lessons might vary, here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate in Los Angeles: 

Basic Package 

Reputable driving schools in Los Angeles, such as Click2Drive, provide basic packages that contain 2-20 hours of training. 

Our price levels are designed to ensure that you obtain the greatest driving education and training without breaking the bank. 

Additional Lessons 

If you want additional classes beyond the basic package, you may anticipate spending between $40 and $60 per hour. 

Manual Transmission Lessons

Manual transmission lessons may cost an extra $10 to $20 per hour. 

Specialized Training  

Some schools charge $50 to $100 each class for specialized instruction, such as defensive driving or motorway driving courses. 

Pick-up and Drop-off service

If the school provides pick-up and drop-off services, you may have to pay an additional cost, which is usually between $20 and $50 for every class. 

Some Tips on Saving Cost of Driving Lessons 

Research Schools   

Compare the prices and services of several driving schools to choose the one that best fits your demands and budget. 


Driving schools like Click2Drive provide discounts when you buy lesson packages in bulk. Consider taking advantage of these offers. 

Practice Outside Lessons

To decrease the number of sessions required, practice driving with a licensed driver (family member or friend) in between lessons. 

Plan Your Schedule

Some schools provide discounts during off-peak hours or on specified days of the week. To take advantage of such offers, be flexible with your daily work schedule. 

Final Thoughts 

Becoming a licensed driver in the city of LA can be costly, but it is a valuable investment in your independence and future endeavors. Don’t let the expenses discourage you! 

You can explore driving schools in Los Angeles, like Click2Drive, that provide affordable and high-quality lessons. 

Whether you are maneuvering through the busy city streets or enjoying a scenic drive, the confidence and knowledge gained from driving lessons are well worth the investment. 

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