Driving instructions to keep the children safe during the school time

Driving instructions to keep the children safe during the school time

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When it is the time of school, the buses have to pick up the kids, and sometimes the kids will have to cross the lane in order to reach the bus. The bikes and vehicles driving at this time cannot be careless, because their harsh driving can harm the kids in bad ways. It is never a good option to rush around when you have a school bus or kids around. Thus, slowing down is always the best option, and a good driving school in Glendale will teach you that.


This type of sense for driving only comes when you have practice or learn from a reputed driving school that has qualified trainers with them. However, here are some additional tips a driver must consider when it is the school season. Check them out-

If you drop your child off, consider the following things-

  • There are some rules that should be followed. Some of these are stated by the school itself to avoid overcrowding on the road and for the safety of children.
  • Don’t park your car anywhere just because you are getting late, because it would be difficult for other people or the children.
  • Carpooling would be the best option to drop off the kids, and if you have neighbor’s kids as well you and your neighbor can drop the kids alternatively to decrease the traffic.

Be careful when the signal is red-

According to the research, kids lose their lives when they are crossing the pedestrian. This usually happens when a bus or any other vehicle is trying to rush and take a turn. This may result in something dangerous for the kids. However, these types of incidents can be prevented by following some of the simple rules that you might have learned in your driver training school in California. Go through the same to understand more-

  • DO NOT block the roads when kids are walking on the pedestrian.
  • Try to slow the speed when children are standing on the footpath because you never know what they will do next.
  • Don’t keep blowing the horn, because this may scare the children
  • When the signal is red, let the kids cross the pedestrian slowly, even if turns green. Sometimes, when you start honking, the kids will be threatened and may start running on the road, which is not a good idea.
  • Kids are unpredictable, which is why you should be attentive at every cost because your small mistake may affect many lives.
  • Sometimes, when you take a turn from the signal, there are chances that a child might be crossing or standing nearby. Always be cautious while taking the turns.
  • Give extra attention when you are crossing the area which has schools or residents.
  • The kids can be also driving the bikes, so make sure you watch out when you find anyone around who is on the bicycle lane.

All the points mentioned above are very essential to drive safely when kids are around you. These are also the important rules when you give a driver’s license test in California. You should know these basic driving rules, to keep the children safe when they are crossing the lanes, or even when they are riding a bicycle.

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