Summer Driving Tips all California Driver’s Must Know

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As we have already discussed few Winter Driving tips. We will now be discussing some summer driving tips as summer is also one of the most dangerous climates to be on the roads & highways. Winter climate is frequently considered as more dangerous than summer days, yet don’t get fooled summer driving has a lot of dangers. More youngsters, travelers, motorcycles and bikes are on the road and might be unknown to the areas, tire blowout and constructions are more predominant in the summer.

For many, those long-awaited holiday plans are moving close. While some might be staying and enjoying barbeques and visits to that exceptional neighborhood spot, others might be coming up for a plan for the road trips to their favorite destination. Whatever your summer plans may include, California’s roadways are sure to be buzzing.

The California Office of Traffic Safety is reminding California behind the wheel driving test drivers to make this summer a safe road trip by following the below driving tips:

  • Get Ready for Warm Weather

Overheating can cause serious summer breakdowns. Inspect your coolant system including the radiator and pressure cap to ensure they’re in good shape. You should also inspect hoses and belts for indications of blisters, cracks, and wear. Keep your vehicle hydrated by checking proper fuel levels and look for signs of a leak, especially coolant. Consider bringing additional coolant, oil, and liquids with you, particularly in case you’re going on a trip to a gloomy region.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle:

– Have an extra or spare tire prepared, and guarantee all tires, including the extra, are appropriately inflated and treads are in good condition. Second inspect the A/C, motor, battery, hoses, belts and liquids. Check for mileage and appropriate fluid levels.

– Confirm that lights and wipers are working appropriately, and clean windows ahead of time.

– Have an emergency road kit, including jumper cable, blaze light and water bottle.

  • Top Up Your Fluids

Engines can get very hot in summer, particularly when you’re stuck in traffic. Subsequently, ensure your vehicle’s coolant has been topped up, particularly if your vehicle doesn’t have the stop-start feature. You should even turn off the engine when stuck for long hours in traffic. Unlike the common practice followed by behind the wheel driving test drivers is restarting their engine as that won’t consume more fuel than what is consumed during 10 seconds of idling.

  • Checking the Air Conditioning

The second summer driving safety tips is related to your best companion during summer-the vehicle’s air-conditioning. The A/C unit is a complex system and there are various parts included. Ensure you replace the a/c filter every few months and top up the gas if it’s on the lower side. Similarly, the car’s engine gets warmed up in start-stop traffic which implies you should check the coolant level is sufficient too.

  • Keep your Tires Properly Inflated

When road temperatures are very high driving on under-inflated tires can make tires overheat and increase the probability of a blowout. Check your vehicle’s tire pressures (including the spare or extra tire) at least once a month, since tires ordinarily lose around one pound of pressure every month through ordinary seepage. Use the manufactures suggestion found inside your driver’s door post to find out the correct level for your tire pressure.

  • Stay away from Distractions:

– Never text or make phone calls while driving. Even text and phone calls are not allowed in behind the wheel training California drivers so that they get a habit of not using phones while driving. Tell others that you will get in touch with them when you reach your destination safely.

– Avoid functioning your GPS while driving. Allow a traveler with you to do it for you, or head over to a protected spot.

– Rest well prior to your trip.

– Plan to take frequent breaks throughout your trips, allowing yourself to stretch, rest and avoid fatigue.

– While it is essential to eat and drink, don’t do these things while in the driver’s seat.

Follow these summer safety tips for making the trip memorable and enjoyable. Want more helpful safety tips for monsoon driving hold on and read our monsoon driving tips blog to get yourself ready even for monsoon.

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