7 mistakes to avoid during the behind the wheels training in California

7 mistakes to avoid during the behind the wheels training in California

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When you want to drive on the road, then it is time to take your driving test seriously. The main reason behind this is that you will have to give your best in order to get the provisional license at least. It is vital to take the behind the wheels training in California so that you learn to drive properly and avoid mistakes while driving tests. The person who will examine you will sit next to you and notice the way you drive or do you make any mistakes or not.

Here are a few mistakes that can be avoided while driving test-

  • Never forget about the mirror-

It is ok to be nervous during the driving test, but you will have to keep checking your rear mirror to make your driving much safer. If you do not check the mirror, again, it will be a big mistake and the examiner will notice the same. However, do not look too much in the mirror because it can distract you as well.

  • Don’t forget to use the turning signals-

When you are a new driver and planning to give your test, making silly mistakes is fine, but not using the indicators or turning signals is something that will cost you a lot. It is one of the most important things to consider while driving and when in the test if you don’t use the indicator, you might not pass the test.

Your trainer of California’s behind the wheel-driving test will teach you everything and he/she will help you in memorizing this point.

  • Know the basics-

Never be overconfident while driving tests, as this is the time when you tend to make mistakes. Make sure you consider all the basics, even the smallest one to pass the test successfully. Small things include greeting the instructor, or handbrakes, or anything else.

  • Improper Lane changing-

Whenever you are changing lanes, it is vital to look carefully on all sides. Firstly, check the mirror, and next, you will have to look at the signal. Later, check your blind spot, and once everything is clear, you are ready to change the lane. Check everything around and only then change the lane, never rush in such cases, and handle things calmly.

  • Do not drive with one hand-

Make sure you hold the wheel with both hands during the driving test. Even though you have the confidence to drive with a single hand, you will have to use both hands when in the test. Keep reminding yourself to use both hands in the test.

  • Check the speed limits of the zones-

No matter where you are driving, you will have to keep eye on the road signs to know the speed limit of the road. If you are not driving according to the zone instructions, your examiner will notice this and will make the decision based on your mistakes.

  • Avoid aggressive braking-

Most of the new drivers have the habit to step hard on the brakes, and due to sudden brakes, the passenger is suddenly thrown forward, which is not a pleasant experience. Your examiner will hate this mistake and might get angry after this incident. Hard braking is only acceptable during the time of emergency.

When you look at it, California’s behind the wheels test is not that difficult, but you will have to avoid all the mistakes aforementioned to pass the test. Therefore, if you are a new driver and preparing for the driving test, ensure that you practice regularly for the best results in the test.

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