Essential Skills you must know being a Teen Driver who is opting for Driver’s License Test in California

Essential Skills You Must Know Being A Teen Driver Who Is Opting For Driver’s License Test In California

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Many parents ride shotguns for 40 hours or more with their teenagers to provide the supervised practice needed in most states to receive a driver’s license. Most do a decent job of teaching the car to drive, park and control. Parents are not that good; however, one should let their teens join a driving school in Glendale for safe driving on roads.

Since the mid-1990s, legislation requiring teen drivers to have supervised experience before having a license has been introduced in most states. After a parent certifies that the teen has 40 to 50 hours of supervised training behind the wheel, often with a parent, guardian, or other licensed drivers over the age of 25. The laws have helped cut fatalities from teen driving by almost half, mostly because teenagers drive less and at older ages.

Steps of Learning to Drive

The following five steps of driver education will help you find out how best to help your teen learn good driving skills.

  1. Learning about your car

A general orientation on how the vehicle operates and what the driver needs to know about the car is included in this point. General orientation like change a flat tire, fasten a seat belt, check the air pressure in the tire & fuel, and so forth.

  1. Basic skills

In this step mostly the teens learn about the basic functionalities of the vehicle. Most of these skills are practiced in an empty area. Such basic skills in driver training school in California includes Back up the car firmly and straight, make safe turns, stop the car smoothly, and so forth.

  1. Interacting with other drivers and distractions

In this step, your teenager can learn how to operate a vehicle safely in their community with other drivers, parked vehicles, pedestrians, etc. Most of these skills will require a comfortable and confident start on a residential street, then later transfer to a multilane street during the step.

  1. Parking and other turns

Driving on roads is one thing but parking can be quite another thing which most teenagers find difficult initially. More teenage injuries are likely to be associated with moving in and out of parking spaces than with any other cause. An empty parking lot and a suburban street are ideal places to practice this skill set.

  1. Last Stage of Learning

Make sure your teen has completed all the above stages perfectly, then move on to this stage don’t try to rush on this stage. At the end of this stage your teen should know:

  • Drive safely at night
  • Drive safely in rainy weather, ice, snow, and wet weather.
  • Travel on the highway safely, including merging, changing directions, and keeping reasonable distances from other vehicles.

Now comes a question like who should teach your teenager to drive?

Your next choice is whether to teach them yourself, or pay for driver training school California or a combination of both if you have agreed that your teenager is ready to drive.

If you choose that your teen should take professional driving lessons?

Having your child take driving lessons from a licensed driving instructor has a number of advantages. Driver’s education courses are extensive, addressing more subjects than parents usually would, and they have educated teachers who can be more effective than a parent or family member.

A licensed driving instructor reinforces best practices, such as distraction-free driving. Driving schools are in the business of helping students pass their driver’s licenses test, so they do their studies. They also train students to comply with state requirements on written and driving tests, teach the basics to teenagers, such as traffic laws and signs, while also explaining safety values that will make your teen a better driver while you may not be on the exam.

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