How Can You Overcome Adult Driving Anxiety?

How Can You Overcome Adult Driving Anxiety?

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Driving anxiety is when a driver is not fully confident of driving a car or has some hesitation while driving the car. This can be an irrational fear or a fully diagnosed phobia also. Some people may think to avoid driving in order to solve this problem, however this solution is not applicable to those living in an area where the public transportation is not good. And for those who want to take a driver’s license test in California it becomes necessary to overcome such anxiety if faced. 

How Can You Overcome Adult Driving Anxiety?

And thus it becomes important to overcome driving anxiety. So here are some tips which can help you, 

  • Keep practising to drive

One solution to avoid any problem is to keep practicing it until your fear does not get blown away. This solution is true for all phobias, fears, and anxieties. So you should start driving from locations that have less traffic and then you should gradually move towards more traffic areas. And finally, after that when you gain a little confidence you should start driving on highways and expressways. Also, start driving in the daytime to gain more confidence. And then you can give the behind the wheel test in California too, in order to get your license. 

If you are suffering from this anxiety due to an accident then you should try to move ahead from that and start driving as soon as possible.

  • Have a Trusted Partner

Half of the job is done if you have a trusted partner sitting beside you. It can be your friend, family member or your driving instructor. You can talk to them while driving and it would relieve your fear and help to overcome this anxiety. 

Even some small talks can help your mind distract from the fears and focus on driving!

  • Enroll in a Driver’s Course

If you don’t have a driving license for a car then you should enroll in some driver training school in California and thereby you can learn to drive and could get rid of your fear and anxiety. 

If you have a driving license and still feel anxiety while driving then you should re-enroll in the course and start learning from the basics to overcome the anxiety gradually. This will also give you some more confidence as a driving instructor is there to accompany you. 

  • Have a peaceful atmosphere in the car

You should try to create a peaceful atmosphere in the car by having something like an air freshener or some device that plays a peaceful tune. This has a very large impact on your mind as this type of smell or sound relieves you from anxiety and helps you to focus on driving. Also, prefer listening to soothing music while driving the car to relieve your mind. 

One tip is to use a lavender air freshener as it is very pacifying, however, the driver can use whichever he feels is good for him.

  • Manage your Stress

The most common issue while driving is to think about other areas of your life and then feel stressed due to that. So you should avoid thinking negative things in your mind and try to think of some of the positives that happened during your day. Also, try to speak some affirmations loudly while driving so you can feel confident while driving.

Some most common affirmations are “I am a good driver” or “I can do this” and many more. Also, you can speak affirmations that you think can benefit you while driving.

A driving phobia can really impact your daily quality of life. As anxiety for many people can hit anywhere at any time. But you need to keep certain practical tools in your mind to be able to properly deal with it. And if you can try to overcome the anxiety of driving, by practicing continuously in order to become comfortable in driving. You can even join the best driver training school in California that can help you with these things. 

Soon you will be able to conquer all your fear, cope with it properly, and will be able to manage that situation. 

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