Learn The Do’s and Don’t While Changing Lanes

Learn The Do’s And Don’t While Changing Lanes

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Though changing lanes can be termed to be a little complex skill to learn,  in order to avoid any type of accident or bad thing to happen. It’s just the blinker on, and Change! Thus, it shouldn’t send blood pressure to the sunroof. Instead, keep it relaxing and change safely concentrating properly. The basic skills that you were taught in behind the wheel training in California (if you have taken training). 

One really needs to follow the legal and proper changing lane techniques in order to avoid any accident. Because the most common causes of accidents can be drivers changing lanes incorrectly. 

Learn The Do’s And Don’t While Changing Lanes

What things should you do while Changing lanes?

  • Maintain Speed 

While changing the lane you should maintain your speed neither increase your speed nor even slow it. Do not let go of the gas. Instead, just go with the normal speed of the traffic. And in case even if you can’t see anyone around you, follow the same speed. 

Hence making the task of changing lanes a tricky one merge the lane safely maintaining normal speed!

For example if you are increasing your speed while changing lanes and the automobile ahead of you lowers the speed it may possibly lead to collision. 

  • Turn On/Off Blinker 

To let other drivers know that you’ll be changing lanes, hence giving them time to let you change the lane. And when you do take your turn make sure to turn your blinker off. Or Else it may create unnecessary confusion for other drivers. Which can potentially lead to dangerous results too. 

For example, if you are not signaling while changing lanes the other drivers would drive straight ahead at the time of your turn. Hence end up with an accident. 

So it is better to turn on/off your blinker indicating your further actions. This thing should be followed while giving a driver’s license test in California

  • Check your rearview and side mirror

When you have activated your blinker make sure to check your rearview and the side mirror to ensure that you got enough space or not. Whether there is any other vehicle or not. Whether the opening is safe or not. And whether they are below your speed or not to be able to change the lane safely. 

After checking the side mirrors merge into checking with the other vehicles. 

  • Check Blindspot 

Even though checking the mirror one may have the possibility to have a blind spot. These are termed to be an area that can be seen by just looking over your shoulder. And before changing the lane it is very important to check the blind spot. Making sure regarding any other vehicles coming or not is equally important. If failed to do so one can possibly lead to dangerous collison. 

What are all things not to do while changing lanes?

  • Mirror Setting 

Mirrors are supposed to be positioned properly in order to scan the vehicles around you and change the lane accordingly. In case your mirror is not set properly you are creating a risk. As you won’t be able to see whether there is another vehicle or not. 

  • Moving out too early

If another vehicle behind you has reached past you or has already started to change the lane you should not change the lane. And instead, wait for them to pass and get merged into. When you are kept in a hazardous situation you should deal with it calmly, avoiding rush and surprise. 

  • Slowing down before changing lane

A common mistake that happens with the majority of people, especially new drivers, is to extremely slow down the speed while changing lanes. Mostly it happens to be the reason to disrupt the flow of the traffic. 

And thus it is much recommended to maintain the same speed of traffic. Later after merging, adjust the speed according to the speed in the new lane. 

To master the important skill of changing lanes or any other driving tricks. You need to learn more about everything in detail with proper research before getting behind the wheel. Go to the driving school in Glendale and learn propers about all tips and tricks of safe driving!

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