How to Pass a Driver’s License Test in California?

How to Pass a Driver's License Test in California?

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The Driver’s License Test in California can be a daunting task for someone who does not have knowledge about how to pass the test or what things are noticed during the test. Also during the test managing your as well as others’ safety can be a challenging task too. So here is a complete guide about the California Driving Test.

How to Pass a Driver's License Test in California?

What is the California  DMV Driving Test?

The California DPE (Driver’s Performance Evaluation) is a 20-minute driving practical test before they issue a license to the driver. The main aim of this test is to demonstrate various safe driving methods to the instructor. The purpose of this is to know that you know how to drive safely in various real life situations. If you have certain restrictions in the physical condition of your body then also it lets you demonstrate that you can drive safely with limited physical abilities too.

What’s the Difference between DPE, ADPE, and SDPE Driving Tests? 


DPE(Driver’s Performance Evaluation SDPE(Supplement’s Driver Performance Evaluation) ADPE(Area Driving Performance Evaluation)
It is a standard driving test that almost everyone takes before getting their first license. This test is designed especially for those with some physical disabilities that might have an impact on their ability to drive.  This test is almost similar to SDPE but is restricted to particular areas or regions so the license issued is valid in the area tested only.
You should take this test only unless you have a disability that has an impact on your driving. Here the test might be like, you have to reach the destination when no one is there to guide you. This allows you to have limited options to travel and is beneficial when you have to reach the office only from home.


How to pass your California Driving Test?

The DPE test covers the basic situations mentioned in California Driver’s Handbook and is of 20 minutes only. One can encounter the situations given below during the test.

  • Making sharp turns
  • Driving in dense traffic
  • Changing lanes
  • Stopping at Intersections.
  • Backing up straight


With this you also should have basic knowledge about the anatomy and parts of your car as they will ask you to locate some parts of the car like headlights, defrosters, parking brakes and many more. Also study in detail the Driver’s Handbook given to you.

What if I’m under 18?

If you are under 18 then you are categorized as under age for driving license and would have some extra criteria for gaining driver’s license. The criteria are as follow:

  • You should practice driving for at least 6 months.
  • You should train with a professional instructor behind the wheel for 6 hours.
  • You should have 50 hours of driving practice out of which 10 should be at night. An adult of age 25 or older has to verify that you completed the task under their supervision.


California Road Test Checklist

For completing the California DPE you need to provide your own vehicle and vehicle proof of insurance that lists you as an insured driver. Also, there are some vehicle requirements that need to be met in order to take your vehicle for the driving test.

  • Two license plates(1 with registration)
  • Working brake lights and turn signals
  • A working horn
  • Tires having no bald spot
  • Brakes(proper functioning)
  • Working Seat belts
  • An emergency brake

Automatic Fails on Driving Test in California

Some of your actions during the ongoing test will result in automatic failure of your driving test and you will not be issued with a license. These actions are listed below:

  • Unsafe Lane changes
  • Failure to yield
  • Illegal Turns
  • Signs of Inexperience
  • No attention to surroundings
  • Illegal Rolls

So in order to pass your test, you should definitely go to a proper driver training school in California. And after practicing for some time you shall then give your test in order to be eligible to perform all daunting tasks and appropriately pass the tests. 

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