How to Safely Use GPS on the Road While Driving?

How To Pass A Driver’s License Test In California?

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There are many advancements in the technological field and GPS is probably the most used technology nowadays around the world. GPS is one of the finest things to have while traveling to an unknown place or navigating through unknown areas. You can use it through your phone, tablet, or directly from the car’s dashboard too. Although the use of GPS is beneficial for the driver to reach the particular location, there are some safety tips that need to be taken care of and is even taught while behind the wheel training in California:


  • Before Driving one Should Input and Review 

The main cause of accidents nowadays is due to drivers being not attentive while driving. So the driver should not enter the address while driving, instead, the driver should enter the address before he/she starts driving. Due to this many cars have a system that does not allow the driver to enter a destination while the car is in driving mode. Hence review the map properly before you start driving and minimize the dependence on GPS. If you need to make any changes then stop the car and then make the changes to your GPS location. This thing is even taught in driving school at Glendale.

  • Put it for Best Vision

The use of a GPS device can be called safe when the driver does not need to take his eyes off from the front side to view GPS. You can buy an accessory that allows you to put the GPS on top of the dashboard. You can also put it in the middle of the dashboard in the air vent. Refrain from using GPS while the phone is on your lap or on the middle console as it would require you to take your eyes off the road while driving.

  • Turn up the volume in GPS and music down

We all are aware that GPS also provides the audio option for the driver so he/she does not need to see the phone for navigating the directions. It is one of the safest ways to use GPS. To clearly hear the directions, turn the volume up and lower the music down. Mostly all the inbuilt devices lower up the music volume automatically while giving directions. These will help you to reach the location at the estimated time and decrease the frustration resulting from missing some important turns.

  • Should Ignore Text and Calls

It is advised not to use any of the apps on your phone while driving except GPS. If a message comes while you are driving then it is advised to ignore that and focus on your driving. The rule of staying off your phone while driving should strictly be followed. If you need to respond to some text or a call then you should stop your car at the side then respond to that person.

  • If Needed Have the Passenger Help

If you are traveling with someone or have someone besides you while driving then let them help. If you need to find a Petrol station or some restaurant or any of such things then let the passenger change the location or guide you through the new route. Do not manually enter the new location while driving the car. If you do not have someone accompanying you then drop off the road then change the location.

There are the safety tips covered in our behind-the-wheel training course and can help you to pass the driver’s test in California state. If you have further queries you can contact or visit the driving school for that.

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