What are The Solutions to the Problems of Student Driving Lessons?

A detailed guide on how to use a learner's permit to prepare for the driver's license

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It is well into 2022 now and it is likely that it was the new year resolution of many young drivers to begin their driving lessons this year. Learning to drive will put you in good stead for the future. Though the majority of students want to take driving lessons and get their licence as early as possible, there are few who have taken that plunge. Four main problems that youngsters face while learning to drive is that a  driver training school in California is costly, too nervous, too busy, and failure to see the benefits.

This article is all about making driving more appealing and lists ways you can overcome the common problems one faces when attempting to learn to drive.

The Solution To 4 Main Problems 

1. Cost of Driving

Many of the students want to learn driving but cannot do so because of the costs. It costs, on average, $26 an hour for driving lessons in the US. However, the price varies and depends on which city you live in. Students often cannot afford this price since they are already dealing with the debt of student loans. 

The solution:

Learning to drive is surely going to be a long-term investment. Although the thought of obtaining a licence and having the freedom to drive might seem appealing, the students often are unable to finance it. 


  • Get some discounts off driving courses in some training schools with a valid student card, where when you book for the lessons they can apply the discount to your total worth. 


  • It might be possible to deposit some amount at the start and pay the final balance once you are done.


  • There might be a feature where you can even pay off your amounts in monthly instalments but keep in mind the interest charges. 


  • Save a little every month for your driving school fee and Driver’s Test charges.


2. Don’t have Time 

It can be frustrating for people to assume that you have tons of free time just because you are a student. As a student, research, reading, and assignment preparation can take up a lot of time. Besides this, there are various other events like sports, social and cultural events, placements, part-time jobs, etc. This makes it hard for students to find the time to devote to learning how to drive.

The solution:

Several driving schools offer flexible and semi-intensive driving lessons. The only way to find time to learn to drive is to take some time and go ahead and schedule your driving lesson. Make your goals, select a suitable driving school and be on time for your lessons.


3. Nerves

Some of the students even state that the reason to put off learning to drive was nerves as the primary reason. Some may feel anxiety as it is definitely intimidating to get behind the wheels for the first time. 


The solution:

Most people have anxious feelings when it comes to developing new skills but that goes with time. In order to give yourself the best chance, reduce your nerves, do your homework by reading the driving manuals and books provided. The main issues with being nervous is the inability to make good decisions and the lack of knowledge. 


4. Learning to drive is not on top of the list

Few believe that they don’t need to learn how to drive because they live on campus or in a city with easy access to public or private transport. There are also those who prefer to walk or ride their bicycle. However, circumstances can change in the future, one might need to travel far, need fast transport sometimes,etc. 


The solution:

Learning to drive is beneficial for all and you never know when you might need to use your skills. The earlier you learn to drive the better it is for you. Having a driver’s licence opens many doors and several jobs need you to have one. 

The beauty of learning to drive while you are a student is that you might not be buying your vehicle in the immediate future hence you have time to practice on other vehicles before you finally buy your own.

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