Follow These 4 P’s to Deal With Heavy Traffic

Follow These 4 P to Deal With Heavy Traffic

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In the U.S. more than 200 million adults spend an average of one and a half hours driving every day. For those driving an hour daily, spending more time on roads in high traffic conditions is sheer torture. Traffic seems to be getting worse in the U.S. which can be quite frustrating when trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Rush hour has been lengthened by several traffic hours and stress levels amongst drivers just keep getting higher. 

Your driver’s license test in California does not teach you about the traffic to expect, especially when driving in peak hours. It is important to learn this and to keep your stress to a minimum. Though one tries to avoid the traffic situation by taking alternative routes, at times it is unavoidable.  It is important to learn how to deal with being stuck in traffic and help yourself by making your driving experience much less stressful. That is what this article is all about.


The 4 P’s for a Smooth Drive


While planning weekend evenings, rush hours, dinner outings, or any special event, do not forget to consider that traffic is most common. So it becomes very much important for one to allow some extra time for driving, another thing is not to rely on GPS entirely. So it’d be better to leave early to reach the required destination on time without any kind of delay. Plan accordingly, giving yourself some extra time to get to the place you want to. This can help you to stay less stressed thus decreasing risky maneuvers in heavy traffic. 

     2. Practice 

Driving in heavy traffic will require one to follow proper driving etiquette by using good driving techniques. It’s the law so it is very important for everyone to follow them and drive carefully. Some drivers tend to drive too fast when they want to make up for being late. Another reason for bad driving is bad weather which is dangerous too. So make sure to show signals while turning, or switching lanes. Do not drive close to other vehicles.

    3. Patience

There tends to be more rush in certain places that leads to heavy traffic especially during holidays. People are out buying gifts, everyone rushing around to different sales going on or else some are just traveling out with friends or families-whatever it is, during the traffic it often happens that one feels impatient and tired. Avoid losing patience and keep yourself calm. This can lead to a more enjoyable experience on the road. Being in heavy traffic during holidays can be fun too. 

     4. Proactive

One driver cannot read what’s going on in another driver’s mind, but one can surely anticipate the actions of other drivers. And one should definitely stay active while driving and watch out for hazards. It is important to be careful while switching lanes, light change, pulling into traffic, etc. It is important to be attentive on roads and not anything else.

Improve your skills

Following these tips is a great starting point for safer driving and if you want to learn more join the best driver training school in California that teaches you and helps you stay safe at any time of the year. We at Click2drive guide and help drivers to make better choices behind the wheel and have enjoyable driving instead of stressing out. 

Click2Drive offers the best behind-the-wheel training in California. They offer various plans to suit many different types of drivers like beginners, students, adults, expert drivers who need a refresher course, and much more. You will learn some of the most essential driving skills here like defensive driving, 3 point turns, parallel parking, and much more. Contact them to learn the essential skills to deal with high traffic conditions. 

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