5 Ways to Survive Driver Training in California- Confessions from a Driving Instructor

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Being able to drive means a lot at this point in time, where the technology used in vehicles is advancing at a rapid pace. It allows one to feel more independent and go places where they have never been before. Everyone, especially teenagers, look forward to learning driving skills. But one of the major issues is motor vehicle safety. It is a good idea to learn this by visiting the best driver training school in California. 

Although the excitement remains the same in all, it is different for many to survive the driving lessons. These lessons bring out the best and worst in everyone. This is an article for those planning to attend behind the wheel training in California; to prepare them to survive the test. 

5 Ways to Survive Driver Training in California- Confessions from a Driving Instructor


5 Ways to Survive the driving lesson

  • Stay Focused

Lessons can be a lot of fun, but not letting down your guard from concentrating on driving is a must. One of the most basic skills to learning well is to remain focused at all times. It is highly likely that you might have already gone through the theory or manual; all of it applies while driving. The key is to avoid distractions especially the cell phone since they will cause your focus to fail. 


  • Stay Alert

The length of an average driving lesson is 60 minutes. So in order to stay focused you need to be awake & alert during that entire period. It is recommended you rest prior to the lessons. Doing so works to your advantage because your brain would stay watchful during the lessons. Staying alert is essential to be able to consciously spot the crosswalks, intersections, and blind spots. 


  • Know Pedals

Most of the newbies do not have their feet hovered over the brake pedal especially during three-point turns. Hitting the brake instead of the gas pedal can often lead to accidents. It is vital one be aware of where everything is, especially the pedals to drive correctly. It is the driver’s responsibility to remember where the pedals are and which one to use in each situation. The instructor will explain about the pedals and guide you on the proper use; it is for you to get it right.


  • Don’t Go under Pressure

Never pressure yourself into attending a driving lesson. In the case where you are not ready for it, simply postpone it for another time. Do not be in a hurry to get your license immediately after turning 16. Make sure you are ready for it since it is vital you are level-headed when on the driving seat.


  • Be Grounded

For those who love playing video games and expect the same once they learn to drive; it is necessary for them to snap back to reality. Driving in real life is very different from that in the digital world. In fact, the cars in a video game also handle differently. It is important not to get confused between the two when learning to drive.


Do you want to learn to drive?

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