Why Student Drivers Fail Driving Test & How to Avoid Such Mistakes?

Why Student Drivers Fail Driving

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For many new American learners or say especially the student drivers find it difficult to pass the driving license tests.  The stress of taking the tests to get a license can make anyone forget the basic details and exactly those are the reasons causing students to fail the driving test in their first attempt. 

In order to help you pass the test consequently and get you your license in this article it reviews what common mistakes tend to take place which you should not forget when you are behind the wheel driving test in California

Why Student Drivers Fail Driving

Failing to fasten Seatbelt 

After entering your motor vehicle you should definitely fasten your seatbelt whether you are a driver or even a passenger. Despite being the simplest task to do, fastening your seatbelt is the most important one which often students forget to do so on the day of driving test. And in case you forget to fasten up your seat before putting the car in motion it will automatically fail you in your road tests.

And the solution for this is very simple, as one needs to make it a habit to buckle up the seatbelt right after entering the motor vehicle. Performing this action every time may help you eventually perform that action, even at the time of your tests. 

Incomplete Stops

Some students fail to make a complete stop at certain stop signals. However, making a rolling stop can be considered as illegal in many states and carries a fair amount of fine too. Although you can come over this problem too by practicing at the neighborhood where your vehicle should completely cease the motion. Ensure you have held your foot on brake for a few moments which is better to be sorry later!

Driving too Quickly

Maintaining the proper speed is really important as driving too fast unnecessarily is a mistake which major students are victims to. As there is much danger involved while operating motor vehicles at high speed. However, study shows that some students often drive in recklessness due to anxiety or some kind of fear. 

If you want to learn to stay below the posted speed limit, practice on service roads first and ease the fear you may have during your tests. 

Improper Parallel Parking

If there’s one maneuver that can surely make any first-time driver nervous as it  is PARKING we are talking about! The most recurrent failures due to miscalculation of space and parking process can cause test failure. So better practice it well before the test. As it is a difficult way to master parallel parking. You can even learn it by watching the videos online, or can get training from driving school in Glendale

Improper Lane Change 

There are several points to keep in mind while performing this action. You have to check and have a proper survey of your surroundings before and if clear then change the lanes safely. For your safety and even for others safety follow the instructions given by your instructor. 

Activities like checking the rear view, then side view mirror, signaling for 5 seconds and finally Blindspot everything beforehand while changing the lane. Failing to do this can either cause a dangerous accident and talking about the test can be the big reason to fail your tests. 

Lack of Vehicle Control

Failing to control your own vehicle is one of the reasons for leading to failure in tests. Cases of understeering or oversteering  are the main points to lose control of your motor vehicle. So here what you can do is try keeping hands positioned at 10 & 2 or 9 & 3 on the steering wheel. This way you can have proper control over your vehicle.  

Following too Closely 

One should keep the three seconds of distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Because this ensures you have sufficient time to make emergency maneuvers, if required. If one does not inherit this skill then you have more chances to commit mistakes out of nervousness, better it is to keep practicing before taking the drivers’ license test in California.

Not Checking Mirrors 

Never forget to check the mirrors before any maneuver specially while cornering or even at lane changes. Also, don’t forget to take the tail lights where required. As the examiners take much attention to all these details. 

As you prepare for your driving test, refer to this article and take note of any of these common mistakes you may be making, as well as how you can know where all you can improve. Get into the habit of not making these mistakes at home when training, and you’ll be much better off on the exam. 

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