8 Types of DMV Road Signs and Meaning

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Road Signs are specially designed to make driving safer and the drivers more confident about driving on the roads. Such signs provide vital information about the type of road to expect, traffic conditions as well as guidance on the route. These signs play an essential role in warning the drivers of what to expect.

The traffic signs come in a variety of shapes and colors but it is very much important for one to understand them all. You learn this in a driver training school in California as well. Traffic signs give you proper direction telling more about the route and directions with points of interest along the way. It also warns of one of the hazards making sure the drivers drive safely. This article is meant to ensure you can drive safely, with more confidence, and interpret the traffic signs correctly.



Types of DMV Traffic Signs

  • Regulatory Signs: Mostly seen on black and whiteboards, sometimes in red and white as well are the Rules of Road. They are signs like “Stop” or “Do Not Enter” which communicate the right message effectively. Following such signs is a good way to stay safe. 


  • Warning Signs: Signs that provide alerts and warnings for the path ahead are termed warning signs. This warning can be about bad road conditions, hazards, or even possible traffic situations that lie ahead. They are yellow-colored, diamond-shaped with black lettering or symbols on them. 


  • Guide Signs: They give information about roads and highways you are in showing the way to your destination. The given route numbers, distance, direction towards the destination, and even the emergency service information. This sign is displayed on a green board with white writing on it.  


  • Information Signs: The general information such as cultural information, geographical information, and even the points of interest like where you can take a break and have a snack with a perfect relevant picture on it. 


  • Construction Signs: Temporary road construction signs that provide the driver information regarding the construction work going on and diversions. They are usually square-shaped or diamond-shaped on fluorescent-colored boards with black lettering on them. These signs alert you to slow down and drive as per the traffic pattern. This is also something you will learn when you take up a course at behind-the-wheel training in California.


  • Service Signs: The blue and white complement the information telling you where to find the food, gas, lodging, and tourist attractions. These can be places like gardens, zoos, museums, and even theme parks. The service signs are square or rectangular blue-colored with white letters or symbols on them. 


  • Supplemental Traffic Signs: These types of signs are for additional requirements like scenic routes, environmental awareness signs, farmer’s market signs, and much more.


  • Railroad Crossing Sign: As the name itself suggests it is related to rail tracks ahead. This sign does inform you that you are approaching a railroad crossing ahead. 


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